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We were formally for 12 years For many of our faithful customers who have had a hard time finding us lately it is due to our previous host going out of business. We are now up and running as

We are glad to have you all back and we hope to continue having you as customers.

With almost 20 years in business, we would like to thank all of the thousands of customers that have made this possible. We carry over 600 lines of performance products for cars, trucks, jeeps and street rods. We are continually adding new lines and updating our site. 

If you are looking for a specific product or line and you do not see on our site, then drop us a line either by email or call us at 1-888-762-7776 (SRPM). We also can be reached at 937-382-1871 for those not in the United States. There is a good chance we can get it for you. ​If you are interested in a catalog call us or you can order it on-line for $5.99 which includes shipping and handling in the U.S.and Canada. You can also download a pdf of the catalog. ​

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